About our Founder

Maysoon Raya ,
Doctoral student and the Chair of, M.A.A. Muntada Almoaielt Alohida (the Forum for Arab Single Mothers):

An Arab woman that living in Israel together with the challenges don’t go together.

An Arab woman means a mother, a housewife, a child caregiver who takes care of husband and family first and then thinks of work as a source of income that will help the husband live a good life and cope with the economic difficulties.

An Arab woman does not think and should not think about career development and self-fulfillment, and if she thinks she is perceived as “egoistic”, family failure and neglecting her family – a perception that has accompanied us as women in general and Arab women in particular for many years and some of us to this day.

To be meaningful, I had to look for challenges, and they began at the age of 18 with the need to make a decision about where to learn, to work as a “teacher” (like everyone else) keep the family and husband or look for a meaning at the price of breaking the family?

The family hegemony in my society required me to endure and live with this self-dilemma for a few years, and finally I decided to make a new challenge – divorce.

In a moment, life begins to look more meaningful with the growth of two charming girls, with the support of other women like me and with a lot of challenges and stigmas to deal with. I founded a special organization for divorced and widowed women!

Thus, self-satisfaction increases and strengthens the mission of social giving, action and change. This results in success and success. To feel that you are an agent and a change agent in any social issue related to women, to engage in any initiative.

Among all the challenges and difficulties in my society, one of the most important struggles I have dealt with over the last year is the women’s social struggle to encourage women to run in the local elections and increase awareness among men of the importance of women’s representation in local politics.

I learned something in my life, that the right is not given on a golden platter, but rather that it should be taken in to our hands because it is personal and political.

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”