activities and Trips

The association organizes at least one meeting per month for its members. The animations are numerous and varied: trips with and for children; do-it-yourself afternoon or to hear stories; sporting activities; zoo tours; mothers’ Day;etc.. Entries for various events are usually offered by the association.

Partially supported by the association, weekends or weeks of holidays are also organized and offered to members.


The Doznali Choir was initiated in 2014 to impart pride in Arabic culture. It particularly focuses on Middle Eastern music which has been significantly sidelined by contemporary pop music. Young Arab women and men aged 15-24 play a variety of instruments and are coached in vocal skills. At present, the group has seventeen young singers and musicians.


We seek seed funding for trainings and courses to endow Arab women and girls with: • Skills to facilitate their employability, such as language acquisition and preparation for the labor market. • Information about higher education and study options, with a goal of increasing female Arab participation in the labor market. • Opportunities for community involvement – leadership training for young women, encouraging social entrepreneurship, and initiating community projects that sustain a sense of belonging and pride in Sakhnin and the Galilee.


Open to locals and tourist groups, SWoC is a social business run by ASMF activists as a source of flexible employment and additional income. During evenings, small-scale events are held on the premises for Arab-Jewish dialogue, educational lectures, and to promote women’s artwork.